station road santacruz east mumbai 400055


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Top amenities
  • Internet Access
  • Secretarial Services
  • Stamps and Mailing Facility
  • Newspapers In Lobby
  • Airport Transfer Free
  • Free Internet Access
  • Front Desk
  • Laundry Service Available
  • Lift / Elevator
  • Locker Facility
  • Porter Services Available

At Sai Inn, you will find an ambience that strives to bring to life, value-additions in hospitality through and intelligent blend of choice locations, superior amenities and personalized service. Sai Inn is one of the Best Hotels in Santacruz East, Mumbai. We provide Hotels Near Mumbai Airport, Hotels Near Santacruz Station. Transforming your business trips into an enjoyable and productive occasion, memories of which stay with you, long after you have undertaken it. The executive business class hotel has been designed and is being managed by Ronchere hospitality, an established name in the hospitality industry with benchmark customer initiatives to its credit. It gives us immense pleasure to introduce to you, Sai Inn, at Santacruz (E), Mumbai. Continuing our advancement and commitment to offering the highest standard of product whilst maintaining our value ethics, elegance, discovery, culture and vibrancy. Sai Inn is proud to offer a full range of state of the art, luxuriously appointed Deluxe & Executive rooms, Ball rooms & venues for shootings and production facilitation. Choosing Sai Inn as your preferred partner not only provides a fantastic address but also an array of Personal, attentive services combined with exceptional food quality supported by vibrant innovated choice of menus and entertainment.

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